Eyelash Lift

This treatment enhances your natural eyelashes by making the eyelashes look more lifted, curlier, and appear longer. Results can last up to 10 weeks and can vary depending on each client’s natural hair growth cycle, lifestyle, and aftercare. This treatment is best paired with an Eyelash Tint to make the lashes appear darker for a more visibly beautiful result.

Price: $100 (1 hour)

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Add on a Lash Tint after your Lash Lift treatment to get the most dramatic effect. Get the look of wearing mascara without the hassle of having to apply it and getting smudges from mascaras. Tint your lashes to give your eyes a darker lash line for a more awake and defined eye look. This treatment is ideal for those with light colored, red or blonde hairs.

Price: $110 (1hr 15mins)


Eyebrow Tint (includes shaping with soft wax)

Add more definition to your eyes and get an overall more structured look with an Eyebrow Tint. A customized blend of color is added to the brows giving the brows a fuller and more symmetrical look. This treatment is great for sparse, asymmetrical, or light eyebrows that need a fresh and bold look resembling eyebrow makeup without the hassle of makeup. Eyebrow waxing is included to get rid of unwanted hairs providing for a clean shape.

Price: $45 (25 mins)

Eyebrow Lamination (includes shaping, tint & wax)

This semi-permanent service is a great Microblading alternative. Brow Lamination uses the length of your natural brow hairs to create fuller looking brows. Shaping with tint and waxing is included for the best result.

Price: $100 (50 mins)


Please Read Before Booking:

If you have existing eyelash extensions, they must be completely removed before receiving any lash lift & tint treatments. Permanent makeup eyeliner lash enhancements and eyebrows (microblading/ombre powder shading) must be healed at least 4 weeks before receiving any tinting services and at least 12 weeks before receiving lifting/brow lamination services.

Be sure to read our FAQs below about important pre-appointment and after care information BEFORE booking your appointment.

Please note: Lash lifts and brow laminations cannot be re-done sooner than 6 weeks apart to avoid over-processing of the hairs.

Lift/Tint/Brow Lamination services are NOT recommended for clients who are or have any of the following:

  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Known allergies to perming solutions/hair-dyes
  • History of skin disorders/rashes/psoriasis/eczema
  • Alopecia
  • Recent eye surgery
  • Use of skin exfoliation products/retinols (must be discontinued for at least 1 week prior to brow lamination/tint services)
  • Use of Accutane (must be discontinued for at least 1 year before brow services)
  • Very sensitive skin (patch test is highly recommended – call to schedule one BEFORE booking for the service)
  • Sunburnt/cuts/open sores/abrasions/inflammation/swelling on or around the treatment area

Essentially, it is like a perming treatment to curl your natural lashes. Your lashes are glued down to a silicon shield. A lifting solution will be applied to your lashes followed by a setting solution. A lash tint can be added onto this service to darken your natural lashes for a more enhanced look (highly recommended for blondes/redheads).

Lash/brow tinting is when a semi-permanent lash/brow dye mix is applied to the hairs to darken them. The process takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

Typically, results last 4-6 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle. As the ‘lifted’ hairs begin to naturally shed, new straight hairs will be growing in. It is recommended to come every 6 weeks for a redo but some may want to come in sooner/later depending on their lash cycle.

There’s really no prep but to arrive without any eyelash extensions and eye-makeup (especially waterproof mascara). A squeaky clean foundation will lead to optimal and longer lasting results.

They must be removed prior to your lash lift/tint. Feel free to bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive at your appointment.

Within 24 hours (or 48 hours for even better longer lasting results) after your treatment, you must avoid: eye-makeup, eye cream, swimming, steam rooms/saunas, heavy sweat exercise, washing your face in a direct stream of water, and eye-rubbing to avoid disforming the hairs.

Yes, but only after the 24 hour mark.

No. The treatment effects will last as long as your natural hair growth-cycle. As your hairs naturally shed, they will grow back just as they were to begin with.

No. However, your eyes must be closed and you will be lying down flat on your back the entire duration of the treatment (about 1 hour) so it may be uncomfortable but there is no pain involved at all.

This semi-permanent service is a good Microblading alternative for fuller looking brows. Similar to a lash lift, eyebrow lamination is used to straighten and lift the brow hairs done by brushing the eyebrow hairs up in place and using a lifting solution followed by a setting solution to hold the brows in their brushed and lifted shape for a more groomed and uniform look. Shaping with tint (optional) and waxing is done after the brow lamination to complete this service.

Normally it can last anywhere between 2-6 weeks depending on your original hair color, hair growth cycle, skin type and how much you wash and exfoliate your face. It will fade away naturally.

Brow lamination results last about 6 weeks depending on your natural hair growth cycle. It is important to note that your last eyebrow tint treatment MUST be at least 6 weeks out before receiving a brow lamination treatment.

Unless you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in hair perm or hair dye (we would recommend to do a patch test first – call to schedule for a patch test appointment BEFORE booking for the service) these eyebrow treatments work for pretty much anyone. This treatment can not be done on broken skin or open wounds on/around the area (permanent makeup eyebrows should be healed at least 12 weeks before getting brow lamination). It is not recommended for those under 18 years of age and women who are breastfeeding or nursing or with a history of skin disorders/reactions to products.